Resources and Affiliates

I’ve created this page to tell you about my favorite spiritual resources and the affiliates I trust. I want you to know that I choose the ads on my site, from which I earn a commission from everytime someone purchases somethings. I will not refer you to a brand or site that I do not trust and buy from myself. If you’re interested in shopping, click any one of these banners and it’ll take you to the site for some online shopping!

1. Red Bubble is a great app you can get on your fun for all things miscellaneous! stickers, t-shirts, graphic home decor, accessories! All that fun stuff! Click on the graphic above to check out all their cool stuff or right here to get 50% off stickers. I love their christian scriptures and have quite a few myself. Logo

2. is my new favorite site from Christian rescourses. They have huge sales store wide and you can get an additional 10% off site wide through this link, right here.

3. CrateJoy! I get joy just thinking about all the subscription boxes i could get from this site! i personally want to get one for my cat but they have a box for everyone! those cool snack boxes? Yeah! They have those! want a gift for your best friend? there’s one for every kind of person! Want a gift to yourself? this sites got you covered for self care! Click here to discover 100’s of subscription boxes for women.

4. ShareASale is what I’m using to share these affiliates with you. Everytime someone clicks on these links and purchases something, I earn a small profit from it. which is really helpful and awesome. If you’re a blogger or influencer I highly suggest you get in on this awesomeness!

5. SHEIN is probably my favorite online clothing store. everything has such great prices and there are so many modest choices. They even have scripture tshirts! SHEIN also sell home decor, gadgets, phone cases and more!

6. Amazon is the best all around online site most people know about and shop from so you probably don’t need convincing. but if you click this link, i’ll earn a small commision for convincing you to go take a look at getting an Amazon Prime account. Who doesn’t like discounts and free shipping? Go check it out by clicking the banner above.

7. Ooooh GIRL. I’m probably the most excited about partnering with Sol de Janeiro! They’ve got yummy beauty products that will have you smelling, looking, and feeling like a brazilian beauty. Okay, okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration! But I love tropical products that are super good for your skin and smell beautiful!