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Ladies Spa Day

For many years I had few female role models in my life. I grew up a bit estranged from my mother and my sisters were off doing their adult things. They are all 10+ years older than me. My step mother, well, she was your stereo typical step mother who was so determined to be misunderstood and disliked. When I was baptized, the Lord sent so many wonderful women into my life to edify me and encourage me and teach me. I have spiritual nanas, mothers, aunts, and many sisters in Christ. After six years of being in the Lord, I decided I was going to give back to these wonderful blessings to my life and threw them a Galentine’s ladies spa day. Here’s how I did it.

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A few of the special women in my life!

Unfortunately (but not), we had so much fun I only got a couple pictures! But I’ll do my best to explain how I threw a ladies spa day so you can treat your favorite ladies too.

Make your list

The first thing I always do when planning any event is make a list of each “station” I’m going to have and then make a list under each station of all the things it’s going to need. Here’s my stations list for my Ladies Spa Day:

  1. Food table:
    1. Three tier tea platter
    2. egg salad and chicken salad tea sandwiches
    3. scones
    4. cookies
    5. cheese and salami and crackers
    6. spoons and napkins
    7. salad
  • beverage bar:
    • hot water for tea
    • sugar
    • tea–earl grey and english breakfast tea
    • coffee
    • stirrers
    • cream/creamer
    • tea kettle
    • princess punch
  • favor table
  • main table setting
    • dinner plates and chargers
    • crystal glasses
    • tea cups
    • spoons, forks knives, wrapped in napkins
    • hand bowls and manicure balls inside each one (two bowls per person
    • manicure kits
    • table decorations
  • Under the tables
    • long towels or plastic table cover
    • homemade foot baths
    • extra hand towel on the side of the foot baths
Heres a picture AFTER we settled and dug in!

How I set everything up

The food table

The food table was fairly simple. I created a tea party feel with simple tea sandwiches, orderves, and sweets. Found a delicious recipe for egg salad and chicken salad and I put them in croissant rolls. Also, I researched the proper way to place the sandwiches, orderves, and sweets on an English high tea platter. I added a pretty garland from target and made sure to use pretty plates, napkins, and plastic silverware.

The Beverage Bar

For the beverage Bar, I only displayed the beverage components, the cups were on the tables. I warmed up some hot water in a tea kettle and placed it near the displayed teas (I highly suggest an electric kettle) and used a glass container for the sugar. I didn’t have a pretty container for the creamer so I just tore the wrapper off so make it look more fitting and clean. Then, I made my favorite princess punch.

Princess Punch

My aunt used to make it all the time for family baby showers and weddings. I didn’t use any exact measurements– I just added what I though was good. but here are the ingredients in case you’d like to give it a try.

  • ginger ale or 7-up
  • orange or rainbow sorbet
  • frozen strawberrys or berry assorment.

That’s it! It’s super easy! I suggest making your Princess punch after people start arriving as you don’t want the sorbet melting before anyone has a chance to try it! I also got some beautiful crystal wine glasses from the dollar tree and used them for the punch! My ladies loved it so much I had to make two batches!

The Favor Table

This is where I placed all the little extras! The eucalyptus Epsom salts, essential oils, flower petals, face masks and lotions! All my ingredients that i used in the foot baths so they could also make their own and take them home for another day!

The Main Table Setting

The main table settings also had a tea party theme. I got almost everything decorative from either the dollar tree or the 99 cent only store! How great is that?! I got a couple mint colored plastic table cloths and rose gold chargers ($3.99 for a pack of 4), a few flower arrangements, the cute little bowls, and the manicure bombs from the 99 cent store. 5 and Below had a very pretty 6ft flower garland that I ran down the center of the table. Lastly, I got the crystal glasses I mentioned earlier from the Dollar tree. Fortunately, my spiritual mother had these beautiful tea cups but you can also get these really cute paper tea cups from amazon!

I gave them each a cute little bag filled with their own cuticle pusher, nail file, soap, and silicone eye masks, and wrapped a spa head band around it. Put them on the table where they were going to sit so those things could be used. I wish I had a better picture of them but again we were having such a fun time relaxing and enjoying ourselves. Next time, I’ll be sure to take some!

Under the Tables

I used the area under the tables for our foot baths that i made myself from supplies also from the 99! I set them up with pretty pink towels (*whispers* from the 99) underneath and a white hand towel (i got a pack of 24 from Amazon but i think costco also carries them) for each person next to the foot bath so they could dry their feet when they were done.

The Activities We Did

Just like the list we made for each station, I made one for each activity.

  • lunch and a food bath
    • tubs about the same size as a foot bath, make sure you can stand with two feet in them
    • pumice stones from 5 and Below
    • warm water
    • bath flowers *optional*
    • eucalyptus Epsom salts or tea tree foot soak
    • bath salts *optional*
  • Face masks and an audible book
  • tea time and eye and nail care
    • we used our tea supplies (see above beverage bar)
    • homemade tea cookies
    • silicone eye masks
    • our manicure supplies
      • two small bowls
      • warm water
      • manicure bombs
      • cuticle pusher
      • nail clippers
      • rubbing alcohol
      • nail polish (we just used clear)

Lunch and a Foot Bath

Lunch and a foot bath should be the first thing you do. The foot baths are another thing you want to wait as late as possible to put out, because you don’t want the hot water to get cold by the time everyone sits down for lunch. DO NOT use boiling water, not only is that a safety hazard, but it may also melt your foot baths.

Speaking of foot baths– here’s how I made them!
  1. I bought some good sized plastic contariners for the 99 cent store(I stood with both feet inside to make sure they were a good size, and yes, I got some side-eyed looks! haha.)
  2. Then I bought two rectangular pumice stones from 5 and Below
  3. Lastly I just hot glued the stones into the containers a good width apart and called it a day!–just kidding, it had just started!
  4. For the soak part, I sprinkled two table spoons of Episom salts and a few drops of my fav essential oils (I like orange and lavender) into warm water.
  5. *optional* you can also add in some bath flowers to add a special touch!

So we ate our lunch and soaked our feet in our foot baths and scrubbed them soft! We had our towels handy in case we needed to get up for seconds– or the restroom. I made sure to serve everyone their Princess Punch before sitting down myself.

Face Masks and an Audible Book

Since everyone has a different facial skin type, I made sure to get different types of facial masks. I really wanted to avoid giving anyone a break out! So, I got these from amazon. Everyone loved them and no one broke out the next day.

Not only did I want to refresh our physical selves, but I also wanted to provide some food for the soul. I chose to share a 20 minute section of my favorite Audio book. We listened to the Esther Anointing, leaned our heads back and allowed God’s word to speak to our souls. Some of us were even sprawled out on the floor.

Tea Time and Eye and Nail Care

Tea times and eye and nail care was our last activity, but also the one that got us to laugh the most. We used silicone eyes masks, and well, they are such funny little things! some of us were pros at applying them perfectly to our under eyes, but others… placed them closer to their cheeks. Because of their jiggly, slippery texture they’d start drooping and… well, maybe you had to be there. Either way our face masks and eye masks were the hit of the night for laughter. Who doesn’t laugh at their friend when they look like a scarecrow or some kind of monster?

While our eye bags were being de-puffed, we did our nails between the laughter. I had the nail clippers in a small container of rubbing alcohol to keep things sanitary. In addition, I found these great nail files that you can use to polish your nails instead of the nail polish paint.

If you have any diabetic friends make sure to get them a wooden cuticle pusher, because they aren’t able to use the metal ones.

The Closing

After we had our fill of tea, our nails were dry, faces radiant, and our feet were silky smooth, our ladies spa day came to an end. My wonderful ladies helped me clean up. This evening was so special and they each told me how special this ladies spa day made them feel.

All these things are optional. you can always do one without the others. The point is to show your appreciation, love, and support for the women in your life. So many of us take a beating in life and deserve to be treated to something special. Be His phoebe for them and teach them how you love them because He first loved you.

If you throw a ladies spa day, let me know how it went!

For more ideas for a ladies night, for this virtual-everything season, check out my previous blog post!

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