Does God still do miracles?

I see lots of people who want evidence that God exists. Well, besides the historical records of the existence of Jesus and accuracy of the bible, all I have is my own experiences. I have encountered Jesus in so many supernatural ways. Ways in which are so true and tangible that I could not even convince myself that God wasn’t real even if I wanted to. Here are my encounters with Jesus, as crazy as they may sound.

1.First of all, do you know what a miracle it is for me AND you to be here right now? Pregnancy is a wonder in itself. However, in my case God used my own existence as a sign that He chose me, and it’s a testimony that speaks to many that our lives are also valuable. (Yes, that means yours too, in case you were doubting). I was meant to be aborted but, somehow, that doctor’s visit ended with my heart still beating.

2. God kept me. He kept me from the drugs, alcohol, and statistical norms for children who grow up in broken homes. I had every reason to turn to those substances, and I had every chance. Alcoholism is in my family line. The effects of Drugs on a person’s life are something I’m not inexperienced with either. But somehow without anyone telling me or teaching me, these things have always been something I’ve hated. And for a child to come out of a background like that–not following the same set of chains as what they grow up seeing–is rare. That is a sign from God that again, He chose me from the beginning and sent his Holy Spirit to be with me, to speak in my ear what was right and wrong. That’s not to say my parents weren’t great parents(they were wonderful parents) but there were some unstable seasons in my childhood where I was witness to things maybe they thought I wouldn’t see.

3. When I was finally truly found, He filled me with His Holy Spirit. As controversial it can be for many denominations (non-denominational churches included), I spoke in tongues other than my own. A purifying fiery feeling rushed through me and every chain from my past was broken. That’s the best way I can explain it. Speaking in other tongues is a way our spirit is strengthened, it’s how the Holy Spirit intercedes through us; and when interpreted, can uplift, encourage and edify others. 

4. Speaking of interpreting– I’ve been given this Gift of the Spirit and have interpreted a small number of times. Each time, a divine message delivered that the person needed to hear. I did not know how the message was going to impact them but the fact that it spoke to what they were going through is evidence that interpretation of tongues is a true and real thing. This is not something I am able to turn off and on, nor do I believe that anyone can just interpret or prophecy on command. These gifts must be prompted by the holy spirit not our own wills.

5. The Gift of Visions is another gift of the Spirit that God uses through me. Yes, it’s odd and crazy as the last testament I shared, but it’s a true testimony nonetheless. I’ve had three prominent visions. One of them has come to pass. I had a teacher look at me and declared over me that my experiences  in my childhood would be used to help others. And while that is a very general declaration, God showed me through a vision how exactly he was going to use me. I had a vision of myself sitting in front of young children reading to and teaching them. Not too long after that, I had a new Job and eventually I found myself in that very place in the vision– Sitting in front of young children; teaching and reading to them. 

6. The transformation into a new creation is a miracle promised to every one who decides to get baptized. Let me tell you, I could have and would have never done all the things God has done in me since that day. 7 years later, the shy, scared, and scarred girl is now a resilient, healed teacher of the Gospel. It’s a miracle and a wonder what God has done with my life. I’m no longer bound but have new hope. 

7. Everyone who makes himself available has the opportunity to be used by God in many ways. A third gift God has used in my walk with Him is healing. Within my first year being baptized I went to a healing crusade. It was weird for me to see the healings. People were getting their eyesight back and being healed of cancer and more. But as a new believer I couldn’t help but internally doubt that these things were actually happening.

Image by waldryano from Pixabay

 I thought, “maybe they are just filled with adrenaline and their senses are being heightened or something.” But then my own friend was called up. “Surely she’s not going to put on a show, right?” I thought to myself again. 

The preacher inexplicably knew that this young girl was dealing with an intense amount of pain. Then you know what happened? I was called up! He called me up, again not knowing that I was her friend. He told me I was going to be teaching a group of young women the gospel, and admittedly that prophecy has not come to pass. However, I believe God has me on the right track. Secondly he told me that as a confirmation, God was going to use me to heal my friend. 

I was shaking, I was sweaty, I was scared, I was nervous. But as I laid hands on her knees, I knelt down and prayed with all I had, “In Jesus’ mighty name.”  

My friend said she felt and saw a light rush through her and all her pain was gone.
We ran together, pain gone, spirits high on the Holy Spirit– through the pews. The rest of that weekend and on she hadn’t had anymore pain. 

God knew that I was doubting. God knew I needed to experience it, and see it happen to someone I knew and trusted to not be dramatic or put on a show or be swept away by emotion. 

The key was that my heart was open, and I was willing to believe it, I just needed help believing. I know that when we make ourselves available to see Him work, and be used– He will use us, and reveal Himself to us through signs, wonders, and miracles.

There is a God that changes not. What the Bible says He did, He still does present day. He’s mighty, just, and mysterious. He’s wonderful, approachable and loving. So, if you’re yearning to see Him through signs, wonders, and miracles, humble yourself and repent, make Him the Lord of your life and ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit, and make yourself available to be used.

If you want to get closer to Jesus, read my article called “How to Grow in Christ” where I talk about various ways you can grow a closer relationship with your savior. If you’d like bible studies I’d be happy to be your teacher. Simply email me at Hisphoebe@gmail.com and I will get back to you and we can talk about what you need and how often we can meet on zoom. Also, Rev. Sherii Parrett does youtube bible studies weekly, if you feel a little uneasy to reach out at first.

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