Christian Businesses Run by Women

christian businesses run by Women

His Phoebe is founded on the character of Phoebe of Romans 16 whom Paul introduced as a sister, faithful servant, and deacon of the church. I want to support other christian women who are trying to make an impact and difference through their businesses. These women don’t focus their businesses on making millions and being well off. The women featured in this article are one’s who strive to make a difference in the lives of others by pointing them to Christ through their products and services. That is something–I believe– that should be commended and supported, although I’m positive they’d have a humble reaction to the latter statement. Without further adieu, here are these wonderful women bravely live out the spirit and character of Phoebe; and whom I’ve come to admire so much.

Authors, Bloggers, & Editors

Jacky Costello, Author of “How Far I Have Risen Coming Clean About Cancer, God and My American Dream”

Motivational — Inspirational — Christian- Life Changing International Amazon Bestseller 2020

How far I Have Risen: Coming Clean About Cancer, God and My American Dream”, a true page turner that will lead you through the gamut of emotions as you follow in the authors steps though Germany and her eventual move to the United States, Taking you from Tears to laughter and a renewed sense of empowerment and love.

Vickie Valladares, artist and Author of “The Call to the Broken” and “Love, Life, and Fairytale”

I am an Apostolic Christian fiction author and artist. I currently have two books available on Amazon. My first book is called “Love Life and Fairytale” and my new release is the first installment of a historical fiction series called “The Call to the Broken. I am a stay-at-home mom and it is my prayer that my art and writing will serve as a light to a miracle working God. As an Apostolic and avid reader, I noticed that Apostolic fiction is a rare find. It is my hope to provide content that Apostolic teens and young adults will not only enjoy but relate to as well.

I also sell custom acrylic paintings on canvas through my facebook page, artful hands. I accept commissions and requests, and try to sell affordable and beautiful pieces that will fit your style and budget!

Tanisha Wilson-Thomas, Author of Released journal

My mission as a Christian author is to show the redemptive love of Christ through writing. I want people to know they have been released from what they thought held them captive, because of the finished work of the cross. In my published “Released” journal you will find different chapters on fear, purpose, truth, and more. Also with this I have declarations t-shirts with Released on them. I am a minister, prophetic dancer, most importantly a child of God! I have been married for 12yrs to Joaquim Thomas , who is also a minister. We reside in Paterson, New Jersey. Available soon “Lead Them In A Dance” a devotional for praise dancers.

Billie-Jewel Sexton, Bridge the Gap Ministry

Bridge the Gap Ministry (BTG) was founded by Billie-Jewel Sexton in August of 2018, with a mission to make the church a safe, inviting, and accepting place for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Billie-Jewel is a wife and mother with an Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree focusing on social and behavioral sciences from Liberty University. She worked at the Young Christian Women’s Association (YWCA) as a Domestic Violence Victim Advocate before leaving to be home with her son and pursue God’s calling on her heart to ministry. BTG offers educational trainings for church staff and volunteers, raises awareness through testimony sharing, and is currently in the process of funding its first book Destroying the Lies: Combating Satan with Biblical Truth, which contradicts the lies surrounding trauma, self-harm, and abuse, that live in our minds with God’s truth, love, and grace.

To find out more about BTG go to

To learn more about Destroying the Lies, or to donate click the green button below

Keegan McCue, Articles of Hope

My name is Keegan McCue and I’m the founder of Articles of Hope. I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and am a newly certified Mindset Coach! I love dirty chai lattes, a mystery book, and traveling to new places, But above all, Jesus is my #1 and I believe that He set this mission on my heart for a reason!

Articles of Hope is a blog created to help women reach their full potential, even through the painful parts of life. Life is hard and we are not meant to do it alone. We need support, encouragement, advice, and community in order to really be our best selves!

Dani Elle, Step in Her Heels blog

I am passionate about empowering people to lead and create. Inspired by my experiences as a Life Coach and Model, I decided to use my creative skills to motivate and inspire others in their dreams and Goals.

Step in Her Heels is an online blogging movement that empowers creative leaders to make a difference. Step in Her Heels covers lifestyle and motivation topics. Through stepping in the heels of another we are able to see in a new perspective and rise up to meet the needs of others. Together we can use our skills, resources and genuine love for people to make a difference in our communities. The goal isn’t just to inspire people but to make steps forward in caring and impacting lives. She features “Valued” shirts on her website.

Dani also sells Younique make-up products, and inspirational posters on etsy. Younique make-up products are clean and natural. Younique is a make-up brand that validates and empowers sexual abuse victims. Here’s a link to a video of her favorite skin care:

Natalie Lynn Lynn, Bible Verses for You

Natalie Lynn is a teacher and techy type of girl who loves to write about her passions — her savior and simplicity. She discovered that while she was knowledgeable about the bible, she lacked a personal relationship with the Lord. Her blog’s mission at is to share with others her transformation when she began to spend more time with God and put the worldly negative thoughts behind. This life changer has brought both joy and peace in her life and wants to spread the spiritual wealth. She is blessed to be married and homeschooling two children in the beautiful state of North Carolina. In her spare time, you’ll find her listening to podcasts, learning the latest tech, hiking the Carolina trails, or swimming in a pool.

My goal with Bible Verses for You website is to encourage others to build a personal relationship with the Lord through prayer, bible scripture, and bible resources.

Mindi Stearns, Printworthy Proofreading

Why Printworthy Proofreading?

Writing is both an art and a science. Creatively crafting words paints a vivid image and communicates a clear, concise message. But there are rules and guidelines that must be followed to be effective. If one aspect of the art or science is weak, it detracts from the other aspect. Conversely, when these two aspects of art and science work together in harmony, written text has the greatest potential to attain the desired result.

Printworthy Proofreading exists to help you be a more effective communicator. You desire to take your audience (the reader) on a journey through a story or to inform them of a timeless truth that has the potential to lead to transformation. Our goal is to ensure that that message shines its brightest. While honoring your voice and respecting your artistic expression, Printworthy Proofreading can assist in making sure the rules of grammar and syntax are followed appropriately. In the process, credibility is maintained, and potential distractions are removed to facilitate clarity.

As a follower of Jesus, I believe that everything that we say and do can and should reflect Him. I have dedicated my life to serving Him by serving those around me as a wife, a mom (who also homeschools our sons), and as a missionary in South America. In my twenty-five-plus years of experience, I have become proficient in time management, grown in my appreciation for culture, taught and coached advanced subjects that I never took as a student, and found that my greatest joy comes from helping others accomplish their goals. I strive for excellence in all areas of life and would be honored to assist you in achieving excellence with your written words.

Health and Beauty

Nataly Corona, It Works saleswoman

Hello, My name is Nataly Corona. I am 22 years old and live in Southern California. god transformed my life at the age of 14, and it is honestly the BEST things to ever happen to me. I was brought up in a broken home where there was drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and a place where money lacked. I grew up on food stamps and we had it rough. at the end of my freshman year I had gone to church cap and that’s where God met me at my lowest. I decided to live my life for Him even if I had to do it alone. At the age of 18 my parents decided to move out and get a small apartment. I was left behind and felt to defeated. Just graduated high school and I felt to alone without them. I stayed with a family member, but it wasn’t an environment that i wanted to be in. I spent countless hours crying and praying in my bedroom and I prayer that God would move me. And so He did. A sister from church opened her doors to me and it was and is the biggest blessing in my life. God allowed me to not only move out, but have a great job, and get a new car. No one in my family has done that, I’m not bragging but just showing how God’s mercy and grace will truly find favor in your life.

With that being said i recently had an opportunity come my way and i took it! This year I recently joined a Christian based company called It Works and it allows us to work from our phones. It literally is a blessing. My mission with this company is to help others reach their goals whether it be with their skin care, or theri health. Being able to help others improve themselves and be able to improve myself in the process is a bless. we have amazing skin care, weight control, nutrition, keto, energy, and endurance products!

We have amazing products that really do work! Many people have amazing testimonies about our product! I have gained energy and confidence through my products and why not share them with you?

Courtney Lotz, Young Living

🌿 Invest in your wellness in your home

Essential oils are changing our family’s lives with relief to muscle aches, helping us sleep and providing our home with non-toxic cleaning products that are going to benefit our overall wellness.⁠⁠
These products are simple to use and you are going to fall in love with them!  There are 800 products to choose from.  ⁠

Young Living goes over and beyond to provide high quality products that are tested to ensure the best product is coming into your home.They align so well with my passion for artisans around the world, vulnerable communities that often get overlooked and my desire to fight human trafficking. 

I am here to help make your journey with essential oils fun and full of education that will get you the most of all the products. @hopefilledintheeveryday

Make sure to enroll in essential rewards and use your kit as your monthly order. then select some items for next month, you can edit it later. ⁠

Dani Elle, Younique Make-up

Picture by Chris Duke

Younique is makeup that gives to victims who have been sexually abused. A huge reason for starting it for the mission. They validate and empower women. It’s also very clean and natural products, that you can’t find in the stores. There skincare line is one of the best. Here is a tiktok I made showcasing the skincare, which is customizable. Since useing it my skin has been in the best shape it’s ever been in.

Jewelry and Apparel

Jessica Dietmeyer, Jessica’s Most Modest

Jessica’s Most Modest has a passion for modest apparel. We strongly believe that a woman should feel confident in who she is and what she stands for. Modesty is not about hiding your image but instead, reflecting the image of God through you. In our mission to have a woman feel like a lady, we aim to bring the classiest and most unique style to the modern woman in the 21st century. Whether in formal or recreational setting, every woman can feel like royalty and display modern style without feeling the need to compromise her integrity.

Tawny Austin, Trades of Hope|Fair trade, ethical fashion business

Hey, I’m Tawny! In 2017, I was a fresh-out-of-Bible-college student (with a TESL degree) who had a passion for missions, but wasn’t able to go onto the international mission field just yet. I had learned about the importance of sustainable business instead of Charity in my college classes, and I was ready to change the world! The only problem, I didn’t have a lot of funds, and I wasn’t able to move across the world (not yet anyway!)⁠

God dropped my Fair Trade, Ethical Fashion business right into my lap at the perfect time! I truly believe He had been preparing me for the moment I heard I could start my own business that would create sustainable jobs around the world WITHOUT having to leave the country or even spend tons money!

Trades of Hope is a Missional Business that works with artisans all over the world to empower women out of poverty. We do this through sustainable business– not charity. We are business partners. They create beautiful, handmade jewelry, bags, scarves, and home decor; women (and men!) in the USA market it.

Sashari Stephenson, CEO of Her Worth Boutique Inc.

Sashari is a 20 year old Jamaican born Apostolic with an eye and passion for modest fashion.

Her Worth boutique is an apostolic owned women’s clothing store created to promote Godly self confidence and women empowerment through modest fashion. we are not Just a boutique but also a ministry and because of this every piece is selected and designed to make you feel and look like royalty. “Her price is Worth more.”

Briseida Cazarez, Classy Urban Darling

My name is Briseida Cazarez and I’m the CEO of Classy Urban Darling, a modest clothing shop on Instagram. I am a preschool teacher and I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in education. I love trying new food, shopping, and singing. I am also a sold out Pentecostal Christian woman.

Classy Urban Darling is inspired by a friend of mine, Delissa, and at first it was just something I thought was fun but when I began to be a part of the journey for each woman trying to be modest, I was hooked. I loved being able to provide modest clothing for women who, like myself, believe that modesty is important. I also fell in love with being able to help women feel empowered and feel beautiful in the clothed the wear. Classy Urban Darling sells gently used, high-end name brand clothing at affordable prices– all on the convenient platform, Instagram.

Decor and more

Kate Frye, Pens & Paths

Hey there! Thank you for supporting small businesses and makers. I’m Kate Frye, the calligrapher behind Pens & Paths. My husband, Jordon, is the master craftsman that builds each of our wooden signs.

My love for art began as a child. When given the choice of how to spend my time, I would gladly discard the dolls for crafts, paper, and pens. Now, Pens & Paths is a way for me to blend my love for calligraphy with my passion for ministry and encouraging others. Every sign I create is 100% hand-lettered, displaying the heart of God in a uniquely beautiful and tangible way.

Jennifer Toscano, A Heart Full of Hope

I am a wife, stay at home mom and graphic designer. I recently started a blog on faith and motherhood and started an Etsy Shop. I also have a facebook page that I am very active on. I sell prints and custom design work such as logos, invitations, birth announcements, etc. My mission is to encourage moms and share the love of Christ with others.

Bethney Stanberry-Jacob, The Wholehearted Home

The Wholehearted Home was born out of a desire to create opportunities for inviting Gods’ presence into the daily rhythm of life. Displaying the truth of God’s Word in your home or office is a great way to intentionally renew your mind throughout the day, to teach your children scripture, and works well as a conversation starter with guests and colleagues. The Wholehearted Home offers scripture, hymn, and custom digital prints with a minimalist aesthetic in a variety of sizes that can easily be printed at home or at your favorite print shop. Displaying biblical encouragement and instruction prominently in my own home has often turned a bad day around and has been a source of wisdom and strength for the everyday challenges I experience at home with my little ones. My hope is that these simple prints will help us to set our minds and hearts on God’s truth as we go about our day.

Iris Ocampo, Tinted Design

Iris is an experienced and passionate graphic designer. Her usual clients are from fashion, beauty and non-profit organizations. Her clients satisfaction is to be guaranteed. She has an extensive portfolio on her website at Tinted Design, where she offers design services for both Print Design and Web Design. She also has an Etsy shop that offers encouraging printables ready for download at such an affordable price.

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