Beach Essentials and tips for the Modest Woman

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I know how hard it is to be in the sun and the sand whilst wearing modest clothes and wanting to get some sun in the lesser sun-kissed areas. It can be awkward and convicting trying to get some sun in a skimpy swim suit around other people. I believe modesty is part of our virtue as christian women, and I had to stop making the way I dress about me and what I want, and make it about who Jesus is and how I should represent Him. But that’s a topic for a future blog post. Today, I want to share some beach tips and essential items for the modest woman, who like myself, want to get a little sun too!

Beach Tips

1. Find the Right Beach

Let’s get right to it. I’ll be honest, I wear the standard one piece swim suit at the beach. However, not all willy-nilly. My first years being Apostolic I was desperate to find a place where I could be secluded and have my own little piece of beach away from everyone else. So I searched. My Favorite beach is North Beach in San Clemente. It’s right by the San Clemente Metro-link Station. There’s a 7-eleven a short walking distance away in case you forget anything. Also near by is my favorite French Artisian bakery, Moulin. When the time comes and everything is opens back up, head straight over to Moulin for you favorite french anything!

San clemente beach
Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

My tip to you: at the beginning of your summer take a drive to the beaches. stay away from beaches like huntington, and seal beach. Instead, find your way to those beaches in between. Drive up or down the coast and spend the day going on an adventure. Explore the knooks and crannies of the coast neighborhoods and see what path(or stair case) turns from pavement to sand.

Another beach that might be of interest is Shaws Cove near Victoria Beach in Laguna. its very unpopulated and quiet. Just keep an eye on the tide. There’s beautiful tide pools with tons on marine life. To get there you walk down a few stair cases so keep that in mind when lugging all your things.

Shaws Cove beach

2. Pack light

I always fall into the temptaion of over packing and then realize half the stuff I brought was unnecessary. not to mention, tiring to lug around! The good thing about San Clemente is that there’s a trail you can walk along until you find your little strip, but most other beaches you have to walk a good distance through sand or stair case to get close to the water. I’ll include the things you’ll need in your beach bag in a list below.

3. Get there early

One thing i learned early being a SoCal girl is to get to the beach early. Not only to beat the traffic, not only to beat the crowd, but to get the best hours of sunlight. The best and safest time to tan are sunlight hours before 10am and after 4pm, and TanningGirl agrees with me. So get there at 8 am and get your tanning hours in and then put the sun screen on so that you don’t burn or harm your skin (as much as you would after 10).

Must have Beach Items

All these items come from amazon and anytime you click on one of them I’m able to earn a small commission. But as I mention on my Resources and Affiliates page, I don’t recommend brands, stores, or products I wouldn’t or haven’t already bought. You may also see the Privacy Policy.

1. Gold Bond Body Powder

You might be asking me, Kalyn, why are you telling me to get body power? Girl! Because it’s the easiest way to get sand off you when you’re leaving the beach. This isn’t just an essential, it’s a beach hack!

2. Waterproof Fanny Pack

Besides this being a pretty cute accessory, it’s essential. I don’t know about you, but when I go to the water I always have an uneasy feeling even leaving my purse covered with a towel. You never know what our who could take off with your essentials of all essentials. You’ll have piece of mind when you go to near or in the water that your wallet and keys are safe with you.

3. Waterproof Phone Pouch

I don’t want to risk losing my phone in the abyss of the ocean. I also don’t want to miss taking beautiful photos. So this is my solution. It hangs around my neck, it’s waterproof, and it’s clear so I can still take photos and know it’s safe with me.

So leave your heavy purse at home and transfer your wallet, keys and phone, into these water proof pouches.

4. A Beach Blanket

I don’t like using sheets because the sand sticks to it no matter how much you shake it out. I don’t like using just one towel because its not enough surface area to keep all my things from getting sand on or in them. But this beach blanket? The sand won’t stick, it’s large enough to fit multiple people and the colors are cute!

5. Tanning Supplies

I have used hawaiian tropic tanning oil since I was a little girl tanning with my older sisters. I love the scent, and the soft bronzy finish it gives my skin. Use it carefully so you don’t burn your skin.

Before you get into the car or after you get home, put this on to calm and cool your skin. In my experience, this will help keep any potential sun burns from peeling and just feels good after being in the warm sun. Moisurized and tan skin is glowing skin.

6. Beach Shoes

Theres’s nothing worse than leaving the beach and having to run to the car to escape the hot sand. Also, if you’re going to san Clemente you’ll need some of these beach shoes to protect your feet from the pebbles. Well, actually, any beach because you never know what glass or sticks lurk under the surface of the sand and sandals aren’t easy to walk in water or sand.

7. A Modest Cover Up Dress

I searched high and low to find you a modest, comfy, airy dress that would be nice for the beach. These one’s are a relaxed fit and have POCKETS. Are you sold yet?

8. Sun Hat

Ever had a scalp sun burn? Yeah, they’re no fun. Protect your scalp and your glory from UV rays with some kind of hat that covers the top of your head. This one is definitely on my list for the summer.

9. Beach cup holder

Okay, Okay, I know this one’s not essential. But look how cute and think how convenient! No sand sticking to your condensation covered drink… No drinks tipping over because of uneven sand… I think I’ve convinced myself this is essential.

10. The right bag

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you don’t need anything for your beach trip, but the few things you will need will fit perfectly and comfortably in this tote set. I’m stoked that mine is on it’s way. It has a little cooler for a few drinks and snacks, microfiber towels, a place for your towles, and lost of little storage compartments. This is perfect for containing all your things in one bag and restricting yourself from bringing too much!

11. Beach Umbrella

Odds are you want to spend a day at the beach not just a morning. Your skin will need a break form the sun. If you have kids, they will need a place to escape from the sun, no doubt. Most umbrellas can be such a hassle. However, this one has a built in screwy thing to make it easy to put in the sand and the case has a strap for easy carrying.

12. Circle Beach Towel

This one is the basic of basics for the beach. Circle beach towels have become very trendy but there are real perks to them. They are pretty big so there’s plenty of room to spread out and they can be worn around your shoulders while you dry.

13. A Good Read

When you’re relaxing in the sun, it’s a good idea to do something to keep you from falling asleep. reading is my favorite things to do at the beach. it’s my place to disconnect. This book is a wonderful read. Truthfully, this book has given me so many revelations just in the first two chapters. So, whether you go to the beach or not, get yourself this book and get uplifted.

That’s all folks! I’m super excited for summer to come and I’m even more excited for the quarantine to end. Make sure to follow the CDC guidelines and have a blessed summer! Please let me know how you liked these Items and tips in the comments below. Post some pictures and tag @hisphoebe for facebook and instagram. You can also save this list for later on pintrest, @his_phoebe.

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  1. I’m hoping beach days will be on the horizon for me soon. I’m looking at getting that waterproof phone case and fanny pack, that’s a great idea!

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